Friday, January 20, 2017

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Greetings Entrepreneur,

If you're a network marketer, affiliate marketer,
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 Message from Frank Calabro Jr

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Awesome 6-month Alexa, MoneyLine Diamond Testimonial, Platinum-Diamond Importance


Subject Awesome 6-month Alexa, MoneyLine Diamond Testimonial, Platinum-Diamond Importance
Date 2017-01-19 15:04:49

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Imagine giving this away...

I love simple.


Can you imagine making lifetime residuals by
simply giving away a report?

If you haven't read all of it yet, this is your shot...

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A similar 'viral report system' recruited 1,509
distributors and built a team of over 24,317.

Imagine what it could do for you.

Let me know what you think.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

New Concept! Cracks The Code To Lead Generation & Making Money Online!

 Person Of The Year!

Hello Newbies & Entrepreneurs,

When it comes to making money online, its a lot harder nowadays. 
Consumers have been lead astray for so long, &  the younger more 
educated crowd are more wiser & skeptical now.

So without a market plan in place & a very effective marketing funnel & followup email systems in place the fight will be an up hill battle to get leads & make sales.

My name is Lonnie F. Ouzts Jr & l was lucky enough to connect with a man that actually Cracked The Code to generating leads & earning huge commissions weekly.
Frank E Calabro Jr - "The Sponsoring Boss!"

#1 Branding Yourself first

Frank Calabro Jr has taught me so much about how to really market a business online. I also learned the importance of branding myself plus build a following first before trying to promote any affiliate programs.

You maybe wondering why?

Just suppose you promote one company for years, and fine out later their no longer in business.

Now what do you do?

ANSWER: Start over from scratch! 
  • No following, so no knows anything about you.
  • No list or contacts of your own.
  • Now no business.

Why? You didn't brand yourself first! 

Companies come & go with no warnings. That was the #1 lesson I learned from Mr. Frank Calabro Jr. He is a great teacher, leader, sponsor, & friend.

#2 Power of Replication & Duplication!

The next thing I learned was about the Power Of Replication & Duplication!

This Concept has to be one of the most powerful idea's I've came across in years. It took a while for me to grasp it, but the light bulb came on & it changed my life!

This is the same concept the big companies use like Walmart, McDonald, Lowe's, just to name a few. These companies use their on branding, their own marketing materials. They even dress their employees in uniforms a certain way. It's all part of the blueprint. 

Logo branding plays a huge part because when someone see a logo, it reminds that person of the company associated that particular logo. Each & every store is built in its own unique way. It doesn't matter which company you choose they all have their own blueprint of how they build & run their businesses. 

Location is also part of the blueprint, I notice they build stores at red light intersections & in heavy traffic areas with large populated cities.

That's the power duplication & it never changes.  

Now they all have carbon copies of different business franchises located all over the world & have become household names.

That's the power of replication down to a science!

So what did Frank discover?

ANSWER: Create a system that can be duplicated & replicated. Then share it over the entire worldwide web.

That's exactly what Frank Calabro Jr has done with the Power lead system. 

This system has a component called share codes which allow frank to share his marketing funnels with everyone who joins him. 

So what do YOU get?

A powerhouse marketing system that frank personally built. You take the share code he gives you and put it into powerleadsystem. Then the PLS will create the
same carbon copy system he uses, but embedded with your personal links.  Your downline can use this same code to build their marketing funnel

Now watch your downline grow to potentially 1000's making you huge commissions on autopilot.

What separate frank from all the rest!

What separate frank from all the rest, is that he trains your leads from A - Z 
If your prospects are teachable, then franks the man to get them signup. They will be up & running in no time & making money online

RESULTS ARE TYPICAL - depending on your skills, and work ethics you could make more or less.

PLS has followup pre-written emails by The One And Only! Already proven to get you conversions.

FRANK CALABRO JR - " The Sponsoring BOSS!"

He has sponsored over 6,100 plus and growing members in an 18 month time frame. Has build email lists to over 57,000 optins using the powerleadsystem
autoresponder system with no extra cost. Totally optional, can be intergrated
Aweber and GetRsponse.   

Frank said, "he couldn't have done it without POWER LEAD SYSTEM". The share codes is like having the total package.

He teaches through professional illustrated videos inside each marketing funnel. 
Each funnel its own unique sharing code.

He will be teaching you step-by-step how to set up the marketing funnels, which programs to use, how to signup, how market the system.

He even goes as far to showing you how to set up ads from his very on secret marketing resources, give banners, ads & so much more.

The Conclusion...

If your not own our team & email lists then your on the wrong team.

This is why we as a team are so successful!  Franks funnels go viral every time! 

Why you ask?

Frank Calabro Jr brings huge value to the table, so everyone can eat!

Thank you so much Frank for giving me, & teammates a chance to build our own online business's.

We Refuse to Lose!

 Lonnie Frank Ouzts, Jr  

Learn how you can apply this Concept
making money online in your business go here:  

Monday, December 5, 2016

Discover The Easiest Method To Bank $500 A Day!

Discover The Easiest Method To Bank $500 A Day!

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Totally FREE autoresponder, capture, etc of your very own

Fresh Leads
Totally FREE autoresponder, capture, etc of your very own

You do know that the very best pages to run on traffic exchanges, safelists, 

mailers etc are capture pages, right?

Squeeze pages that get people to sign up for your list.

We give you lists of your very own squeeze pages, traffic, and instructional 

emails to put your own referral URLs into and send on to your own subscribers 

to teach them to follow in your footsteps.


These are lists of YOUR OWN, on YOUR OWN totally free autoresponders.

You make one list that, like this one of ours, aims at people who don't want to 

pay anything up front, then go on to make another list, aimed at people who 

believe "It Takes Money to Make Money", which will be your actual money-

making list, because in case you had not figured it out yet catering to freebie-

seekers is not the way to build a list that has the money in it!

The freebie-seekers list has the traffic in it, and the training to your subscribers 

to get them active making not just traffic but also money, so that some day they  
WILL be able to become spenders.

Talk Soon,
Lonnie F Ouzts Jr
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Getting Traffic is hard... but this is easy!

Getting Traffic is hard... but this is easy!

If you're thinking about how to make money online, you should check out a recent article form Adweek.

In it, leading ad buyers from across the industry say which traffic platforms work and which ones don't. 

Here are the quick hits... I'll
  • - Pinterest's app marketing is falling behind. 
  • - Facebook and Google are going to make you fight tooth and claw to get to their data. 
  • - AOL has a good platform but a poor public image. 
  • - YouTube advertising is difficult because the platform doesn't allow people to find and share with their friends, the same way social media does. 
  • - Spotify has a lot of room to grow but is pricing out some advertisers. 
  • - Twitter returns are not what they should be and their dashboard is not as user friendly as others. 
The net?

Traffic can be hard. Traffic changes all the time. Traffic requires attention and study. 

Which means, you better have the rest of your sales funnel working like a well-oiled Ferrari. 

It better be proven, predictable, and flexible. 

And that's what you get with this... 

Listen, you can't control the whims of the traffic Gods

They are wildly unpredictable. 

But you can control your sales funnel. 

You can have a funnel that cranks out customers predictable and profitably, month after month after month. 

Click below to get yours now.

Talk Soon
Lonnie F Ouzts Jr
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